A public installation driven by community conversation, 2013

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  • TypeFace in Harambee

    Puzzled and Amazed is located at Five Points, between Keefe and MLK Blvd on Port Washington

    In Milwaukee’s African-American community, the Main Event embodied its name wholly. Nestled in a busy intersection of the Harambee neighborhood, the bar also served as an intersection for a broad range of community members: politicians, jazz musicians, journalists, educators, tastemakers, organizers. After falling into disrepair in 2011, after 37 years at the location, the Main Event was demolished, leaving a conspicuous void in its place.

    With Puzzled and Amazed, community members bring vital conversation back to this once-brimming site. History and memory, invisible but felt.

    In the Harambee neighborhood, the TypeFace team worked with neighboring Shiloh Tabernacle and Riverworks to host a series of community conversations. These sessions prompted Shiloh’s congregation and Harambee neighbors to paint pictures of the site’s bygone days. Additionally, participants shared questions — challenges to the responsibility and accountability of the community-at-large. Excerpts are incorporated into Puzzled and Amazed.

    Explore fragments of those conversations here.

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