Nail Arts For Spring

Nail Arts For Spring

Nail arts for spring should be filled with happiness, colors, and positivity. Spring is the most joyous season and that can be depicted in your nails as well. So here are some nail designs and colors for spring: –

  • Floral patterns

They are the most popular, creative, and beautiful designs. You can have it in a number of ways be it all over or a big strip or small strips all over. You can even try bright and cheerful color combinations. Be it pink cherry blossoms over light blue or yellow or red flowers over white. Basically choose your favorite colors.

  • Designer tips

Basically, just decorate the tips of your nails in whichever way or pattern you like. Be it proper semi-circle or wobbly lines or using a single color or two contrasting colors. Creativity has no limit guys.

  • Strips design

Just choose two contrasting bright colors. Be it lilac and white or sky blue and light green. Then darn trips any way u like whether horizontal or vertical or diagonal. If u want u can make one strip big and the other small and go like that as well.

  • Dotted designs

So just choose two bright contrasting colors again and coat one as the base and put dots over that with the other using a dotting tool. That’s it!

  • Stamping plate designs

So for this design, you need to have a stamping plate. so do a base coat with any light color u like, let’s say it’s white, and then choose any design from your stamping plate and it’s your choice whether u want a single color or colors mixed. Let’s say u take half purple and half pink. Then just put it over your nail and there u go!

nail designs

  • Feather designs

Just use a little darker base and then make a white feather over it with a fine brush. If you want , you can use some glitter as well.

  • Makeup sponge designs

Take a makeup sponge and dark contrasting colors over it one below another. Let’s say sky blue and royal blue. Then just dab it over your nail. And we are done.

Don’t forget to coat all your designs with fast-drying transparent nail paint. And there are your spring-ready nail designs.