Choose The Perfect Shade Of Blonde For You

Choose The Perfect Shade Of Blonde For You

Blondes have more fun, but they can also be hard to maintain. When it comes to hair color, there are a variety of shades and tones that you can choose from. Choosing the right shade of blonde will depend on your skin tone and eye color, as well as what hairstyles look best with your current hair length.

We’ll also talk about what kind of personality each type has, what hair goal they’re after, and how you can get there! So whether you’re a natural brunette looking for some extra brightness or an ashy redhead wanting something less intense with a little more depth -this is your ultimate guide to all things blond.

For those who are looking to lighten their hair, platinum blonde may be a perfect choice! If you have darker skin or brown eyes, the golden blonde would be better for you. For those with lighter skin, strawberry red is a great option.

Different types of blondes

blonde hair colors

The perfect shade of blonde is not always easy to find. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the most popular shades of blonde for you!

  • Auburn: A deep, rich brown that ranges from copper to red. This color can be created with highlights or lowlights.
  • Ash Blonde: The palest and lightest tone of blonde, it has a cool hue and looks best on those with light hair who want to go lighter without going too far away from their natural color. It’s also great for covering up greys!
  • Blonde Platinum: A bright platinum shade that will make any girl feel like she just stepped out of the salon! If you have dark roots, this may work well

Benefits of having blonde hair

You are wondering if blonde hair is the right decision for you? You’re not alone. Many people have different opinions on this subject, but I’m here to give you the facts and let you make up your mind. Blonde hair colors have been around for centuries and remain popular today. There are many benefits of having blonde hair, such as being more attractive, looking younger than expected, or just trying something new.

Blonde hair shades

The benefits of going blonde are many. From a professional standpoint, the bright hue can be used to make your eyes pop and appear larger than life. Going blonde has its perks on the personal side as well- it is an easy way to switch up your hair color without any commitment!

The downside? The upkeep is intense- for everyday wear, you will need regular touchups with bleach and other chemicals that may not be so great for your scalp or hair in general. If you want to go blonde, then it’s best if you’re ready to commit long term.

All women have a different idea of what the perfect shade of blonde is. Some like it light, and others prefer darker shades. It’s crucial to find out your preferences before committing to any hair color change because we all know that changing your hair color can be a big decision.